We look at a new carbon-plated shoe from Craft which is suited to firm, drier trails

It’s a little hard to categorise this shoe into either road or trail. It certainly performs like many of the latest carbon-plated road models, but features a sole which provides great traction on the light and drier trails.

This is not a shoe for technical trails but, on paths, gravel and packed ground it is fantastic.

The CTM in the name represents “Craft tailored motion” in reference to the specific ride it provides – a fast rolling and aggressive feel that is very much down to the distinctive shape of the heel and steep toe-off. 

The EVA-based midsole has a carbon-fibre plated embedded, making the shoe feel fast and tuned to race. However, it does also feel reasonably happy at slower paces too, unlike many “super shoes” which need to be moving quickly to be at their best.

All of this makes the CTM Ultra Carbon much more suited to daily use and more versatile in terms of where you can venture in it.

It has been designed and developed in Sweden and takes on a distinctive camouflage which in itself makes this model a little different from the norm.

This certainly feels like one of the more durable super shoes we’ve tried so far.

The Craft CTM Ultra Carbon costs £225.

» This review first appeared in the May issue of AW magazine. To buy a copy, CLICK HERE