In episode two, the athletics couple talk about their relationship and why they are staying separate during lockdown

Lockdown is difficult. Tracks up and down the country are empty, athletes are staying safe at home and managing their training the best they can.

Jazmin Sawyers and Guy Learmonth are a couple but isolating 240 miles apart. They told Rhona McLeod as athletes they need to be honest with each other.

“The whole lockdown thing, yes I’d like Guy to be here and he would like me to be there but we both know that the right place for each of us is in our own homes,” says European long jump medallist Sawyers, currently located in Loughborough.

“There’s no animosity about that. It’s like, I get it – you have to do what’s better for you and your sports career because I’m doing the exact same thing.”

On why their relationship works, Berwick-based British indoor 800m champion Learmonth adds: “I never thought I would go out with an athlete and I know Jazz is the same.

“We just happened. It just feels right. I’m not going to disrupt her routine. ‘I’m not going to get to the track and distract you – I’m not going to snog your face off or squeeze your bum!’ It’s just that understanding.”

In this latest episode, Sawyers and Learmonth also share insight into what they turn to for company, without having each other there. Learmonth has his dog, Boris, while for Sawyers, it’s her music.

“Guy doesn’t join me but he loves me playing and singing,” Sawyers says. “He will sometimes send me song requests.”

This is the second in a three-episode series, with Life in Lockdown available to watch here and Life after Lockdown to come soon.

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