How can Neuff Athletic’s Affiliate Scheme benefit your club in coming months?

It’s no secret that the past few years have been difficult for athletics clubs, even as top level athletics has provided fantastic inspiration. Clubs up and down the country have done a wonderful job supporting athletes through unusual circumstances, despite money being scarce and sourcing equipment for young athletes being more complicated than it needs to be.

However, there are now resources at hand to help your club bounce back, including the Neuff Athletic Affiliate Scheme.

Neuff Athletic set up an affiliate scheme for athletics clubs in Spring 2020, giving a 5% commission to clubs when athletes purchase their equipment through a link or code.

It’s a brilliant way for clubs who are looking to refurbish and replace their old implements. So far, the scheme has raised around £1000, with over 30 clubs signed up.

Brian Pahlmann is the club manager of Aberdeen AAC, and the scheme has done a world of good for his athletes. Here’s what he has to say.

What inspired you to join the Neuff Club Affiliate scheme?

Aberdeen AAC has big aspirations, many of which require resources and money.  As a club manager, it is my role to be practical and frugal on behalf of the club, seeking helpful support and programmes where I can find them. The Neuff Affiliate Scheme is just one aspect of a wider approach.

How is your club benefitting from the scheme? 

With the credit/vouchers we have earned so far, we have been able to purchase more equipment to be used in our community athletics sessions. These sessions are part of a four-year initiative to take athletics to the children of Aberdeen in communities where these opportunities currently do not exist, many of which are areas of multiple deprivations. 

What has Aberdeen AAC been up to recently?

In March, Aberdeen AAC was named Club of the Year at Aberdeen’s Sports Awards. This honour was given in acknowledgement of the significant work the club has done.

We have been actively inclusive and engaging children in some of Aberdeen’s areas of multiple deprivation as well as athletes with disabilities, supporting and recognising club volunteers, developing strong pathways for athletes and coaches and performing well in high-level competitions.

Neuff Athletic’s Club Affiliate Scheme is always open to new applications, so if you think your club would benefit from this scheme, check out for more details!