AW promotion: Organised marathons attract millions each year as participants look to raise money for their charities. However, when it comes to running attire, some choose very differently to others

Running is a popular pastime enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. From a simple jog early in the morning to competitive marathon running, there are many ways that fans of this exercise can get their fix.

But for hardcore runners, running is not simply about reaching the finish line. It is also about being the first one to cross it. And in some cases, it is all about crossing it in a time that no one else has ever achieved.

However, setting a world record isn’t always enough. Rather than just running a marathon, some people spice things up by making it even more challenging, like running the entire time wearing a complete cricket kit. One such person is Subhashis Basu.

Who is Subhashis Basu?

Considering he is a world record holder; one would think that there is more information about Subhashis that is publicly available. However, Subhashis seems to keep a low profile, as there is almost no information on who he is available online.

One known thing about him is that he is from the UK and seems to have a penchant for running marathons in very peculiar attire. Especially considering his run in cricket gear wasn’t even the first world record claimed.

Fastest marathon dressed as a sailor

Subhashis first made the record books in 2011. Running a full marathon (26.22 miles or 42.20km) in a full sailor’s kit—including the hat—he broke the record and was recognised by Guinness World Records.

His record of 3:24:12 was the quickest that anyone wearing such a strange outfit had ever completed a full marathon. Amazingly, however, he didn’t hold this record very long.

Just two years later, in 2013, Stephen Richardson, also from the UK, smashed his record to pieces when he completed the marathon in just 2:52:32. While running, he was also dressed in a full sailor uniform.

Fastest marathon dressed in cricket kit

Possibly because he had lost his world record, Subhashis decided again in 2015 to try and set a record—perhaps hoping this one couldn’t be beaten. To achieve this, he entered the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon.

This time, however, Subhashis decided against donning the sailors’ uniform again. Instead, he decided to try to run in an even more ambitious outfit: a complete cricket kit. The ridiculousness of the task at hand was such that the type of punters who enjoy Cricket Betting would have surely wagered on whether or not he would tire himself out before the finish line.

The kit he was determined to wear consisted of more than just a fielder’s outfit of slacks and a shirt. Instead, Subhashis dressed to the nines and wore a complete cricket outfit, including shin pads, elbow pads, and even a wicketkeeper’s helmet.

While running in this outfit must have taken a herculean effort, Subhashis completed the full marathon. Not only did he complete the race, but he also achieved what he set out to do and set a world record for the fastest marathon run by somebody wearing a cricket kit.

His final time, which clinched him the victory, came in at 3:20:46. The Guinness World Records recognised his incredible achievement on the day, and he was again given a certificate to prove that he was (for the second time) a world record holder.

Other world records from the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon

Subhashis’s big victory at the Virgin Money London Marathon was incredible. However, more astonishing is that it was one of 34 other world records that Guinness World Records verified on the same day and at the same race.

Each of the records achieved on that day is so random and comical that they make running over 26 miles in a cricket kit seem almost normal. Just some of the wacky records achieved that day include:

  • Fastest marathon dressed as a chef (4:47:51)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a plant (3:47:55)
  • Fastest marathon in a sleeping bag (4:20:21)
  • Fastest marathon in a four-person costume (6:23:03)

Reasons for marathon running in a uniform/costume

Because marathons are challenging enough without the added task of wearing a uniform or costume, many people have questioned why Subhashis and many others would attempt to run the distance wearing crazy outfits.

While there is no way to confirm Subhashis’s reason for running without confirmation from the man himself, many other runners wear costumes to raise money or awareness for their chosen charity.

A perfect example of this is Rob Cross, a simple marketing associate based in London, UK, who attempted in 2019 to break a record very similar to that of Subhashis. He endeavoured to run the fastest half marathon (13.11 miles or 21.10km), wearing a complete cricket kit.

His reason for the attempt was to bring awareness to a charity close to his heart. The charity Chance to Shine deals with children in UK schools and gives them a chance to experience the joy of playing cricket, regardless of their physical or mental challenges.

Rob hoped running the race in his cricket attire would help raise awareness (and much-needed funds) for the charity. Thankfully, he was correct and managed to raise over £4500 (approximately $5405) for the organisation’s great work.