Actor and athlete, Che Eviénè, aims to voice important issues around mental health within athletics through her short film ‘One Rep at a Time’

As part of her dissertation for drama school, Che Eviénè – an actor and athlete – has written, directed and performed in a short film about mental health in athletics.

‘One Rep at a Time’ provides an insight into the psychological challenges faced by athletes. The story is told through a series of diary entries and social media posts, uncovering how running has the power to both heal and destruct.

Eviénè started running during the 2020 lockdown and has grown as an athlete over the past two years with her younger sister, Shen Wigfield-Turner, as coach. She has experienced the world of athletics both from the sidelines and first hand, which inspired the creation of her short film.

On May 19, Eviénè hosted an online screening of her short film, with talks from guest speakers Tom Bosworth, Mhairi Maclennan, Joe Fuggle, Andi Drake, and sports psychologist Casper Farrimond. The event aimed to start important conversations and work towards breaking the stigma around mental health in sport.

Eviénè aims to continue to use her company ‘Change Maker’ as a platform through which to inspire social and political change.

The short film, ‘One Rep at a Time’ can be watched below.

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