The British pole vault record-holder has come up with some unique ways to continue specific training during the coronavirus crisis

With a little bit of help from her store cupboard and garden, British record-holder Holly Bradshaw has been using unique ways to carrying on pole vault training during the lockdown period.

“My coach and I tried to come up with some quirky ideas,” she says. “I’ve taped a tin of beans to the end of a cut pole to make it a bit heavier and I’ve been doing drills and pole runs in the garden to try and keep my brain ticking over.

“I’ve also been doing some visualisation work with my coach and psychologist where we went through a training session where I was in the HiPAC (High Performance Athletics Centre) in Loughborough.”

Sharing further insight into her training as part of Loughborough University’s #TrainatHome campaign, the 28-year-old adds: “One of my main aims for this year was to maintain performance and get fast. At this time I think it’s important for everyone at home, especially young athletes, to think about where your weaknesses are.”

With the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed by a year, Bradshaw explains that this will not necessarily affect her own long-term goals.

“I was planning on keeping going until at least 2022 anyway,” says the 2016 Olympic fifth-placer. “For me, it’s the same goals but just a year later. I’d obviously much prefer to be going to the Olympics this summer though.

“I’m still motivated, I’ve still got high expectations of myself but at the minute the consequences of people dying in UK is really serious. So, by doing my bit by staying at home is my main focus rather than wanting to win an Olympic medal.”

» Video by Loughborough University

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