AW’s resident physio shares expert advice on the typical athlete injuries he is used to treating at this time of year and answers some reader questions

Resident AW physio Paul Hobrough joins Euan Crumley on a video clinic to share his expert advice on how to keep you and your body happy and healthy.

In the clinic Hobrough talks about the typical athlete injuries and niggles he is used to treating at this time of year as people get stuck into their new year regimes, highlights the most common mistakes people make and explains the benefits of his virtual physiotherapy service, ichatphysio.

He also answers some reader questions on the fine line between training with a niggle and knowing when to stop, lower back issues and knee pain.

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1:24​ The main issues Hobrough expects to treat around this time of year

09:58​ The most common mistakes people make

30:43​ Reader question: @sports_momentum on Twitter
“As coaches we always walk a fine line between training when aware you’re not quite right and stopping an athlete from further damage. How do you advise people to walk this tightrope?”

35:50​ The importance of seeing the bigger picture

37:39​ Reader question: @mariamcgeorge1 on Instagram
“Historical lower back issues leading to ITB numbness, tightness and sharp darting pain, especially after a long run. What’s the best stretch to mitigate this?”

40:32​ Reader question @sonyad81 on Instagram
“Right knee started to hurt after a run incorporating hills. I have also gradually upped my distance from 5km to 11km. I can run on it, but it niggles. It feels bruised at top of knee cap, but no obvious signs of bruising or swelling. Are there any stretches I can do to prevent it from happening in the future?”

44:54​ An introduction to ichatphysio

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