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Nowadays various sports industries are realizing the importance of collaboration with GamStop and hence willingly trying to partner up with them for mutual benefits. However, there are some reputable betting operators not under GamStop that continue providing their services. Some of the sports industries which are exhibiting high chances of joining hands with GamStop in the future are discussed here. 

Horse Racing 

Horse racing in the UK is regarded as one of the most popular spectator sports among the citizens. It comes right after football in terms of popularity. This sport has been historically linked with the Romans and has been carrying an untouched amount of popularity ever since. 

Hence, the region can be regarded as a hub for thoroughbred racehorse breeding. Betting can be linked with horse racing since the origin of it and they are interdependent upon each other.

Moreover, a significant amount of funding for British horse racing is received from the betting industry. Almost 6 million people attend the racecourse during events annually among which 40% are female attendees. 

Being the second most popular spectator sport within the boundaries of the UK, it has a significant amount of reach and can be considered influential due to its huge fan following. One can conclude without hesitation that the horse racing industry is next in the line to partner up with GamStop and achieve their respective goals of mutual benefit. 


Tennis emerged in popularity scale both as a participant sport and a spectator sport. The graph of popularity of events is rising and needless to say, it is home to some of the best tennis players in the world. It is important to mention Wimbledon which is the highest in popularity among all other tennis tournaments and it goes back to 1877. Wimbledon is included in the four Grand Slam events.

Sports lovers and critics from all over the world are being attracted to the UK for the same purpose. Betting activities around tennis are quite common and oftentimes beginners prefer tennis over the football to bet, mostly for its simplicity adding to the popularity of the game. 

There is no question about the effect it has on people and the worldwide reach, which makes it most likely to partner up with GamStop to maintain a relationship symbiotic in nature.  


Due to its English origin, without any doubt rugby is another one of the top most popular spectator sports in the UK. Some of the most popular and well-established rugby clubs belong to the UK. Every four years the World Cup League is being held and now it is being played all over the world.  

The growing popularity proves beyond doubt at the reach of rugby is not something to be underestimated and hence, it raises the possibility of the rugby associations collaborating with GamStop in near future. 


Esports are nothing but competitive virtual games played on various gaming consoles. The video game industry is a rapidly growing gaming sector with the undeniable potential to occupy top ranks in the upcoming days. 

The unprecedented growth displayed by the eSports industry is fuelled by the collaborations with the e-Gaming industry. Moreover, the spike in views has added to the growth in revenue collection building it up to a multibillion-dollar industry.

The UK strives to become the best in the eSports industry of Europe. The eSports industry receives full support from the government in hosting matches and expanding its horizons. The EPL of the UK organizes the e-Premier League, where major football clubs like Chelsea encourages for development of eSports teams. 

The fact that the traditional sports clubs are showing interest in the emerging esports industry,  reflects the fact that eSports are there to stay and thrive; hence this increases the chances of the e-sport industry joining hands with GamStop. 

Martial arts 

Martial arts is gaining popularity in the UK both as a recreational as well as an entertainment sport which might have started from the famous Hollywood movies featuring superstars like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and so on. People these days are increasingly realizing the importance of martial arts and hence getting drawn towards it, as a result, it is getting popularised even in western countries like the United Kingdom. 

Engaging in martial arts is not just rewarding in terms of fitness but also for the sake of mental health which is considered essential nowadays. This makes it highly influential among the mass and increases the chance of it collaborating with GamStop in the upcoming days. 


The above-mentioned sports are most likely to partner up with GamStop in the future.