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Usain Bolt is arguably the greatest sprinter to ever step foot on a track. It goes without saying that thanks to the Jamaican, the art of sprint running has gained a lot more popularity. What made Bolt gain such a legendary status is the fact that he made every race look easy. Every world-class sprinter looked like he was a few categories below him.

Even though Usain Bolt is now retired, his influence continues to shine. He is a great inspiration to many up-and-coming athletes, but what would fascinate most people is that his influence expands to other industries as well. One of the most surprising is the online gaming industry.

There are plenty of games at these sites that include Bolt as the main theme. They even add in-game features which are synonymous to his speed, breaking records, etc. One of the most notable mentions here are some roulette games. For example, several Casimba roulette games have these features and they have made the games far more fun and exciting. Of course, the idea is to entertain yourself and not risk anything, so keep that in mind when accessing these games.

As Usain Bolt is enjoying his retirement, we decided to take a look back at his legacy and relive some of his most iconic moments. Let’s check them out.

The Triple-Triple

The triple-triple is not only one of Bolt’s greatest achievements, but the greatest achievements in athletics as well. The 2016 Olympics is when this legendary moment took place. He just won the gold at the 100m and 200m sprint, and all that was left was the 4x100m race. Not only did Jamaica win the 4x100m, but they did it flawlessly. Usain Bolt gained legendary status as the first sprinter who won 3 gold medals in three consecutive Games. Unfortunately, one of the Jamaican sprinters tested positive for doping and Bolt was stripped of the gold medal.

Laughing at the Competition

What many young people now think of as the best ‘Internet meme’, is Bolt’s 200m sprint during the same Olympics when he was crowned as a triple-triple champion. While every single racer was solely focused on the track and giving 110% to win, Bolt was one step ahead of anyone and even had the time to turn his head towards the camera and smiling for the people. The cameras caught his smile and that became one of the funniest track moments, but it also showed just how dominant the Jamaican sprinter was.

Breaking the World Record

And lastly, who could ever forget the record-breaking 100m sprint in 2009. This legendary moment took place in the 2009 World Athletics Championship in Berlin, Germany. After previously clocking a 100m sprint at 9.72, Bolt was on a quest to beat himself and set a record that will stand for years to come. At the race, he dusted the likes of Tyson Gay and crossed the finish line at 9.58. It’s been 11 years since that moment, and no sprinter has even come close to crushing that record so far.