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In a crowded market of fitness monitoring devices, they all tend to measure WHAT you are doing. The Frontier X focuses on measuring HOW you are doing.

This clever device measures breathing rate and cardiac strain for an in-depth look at performance and health.

Former women’s marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe has been using the device for several months.

“You can see how breathing rate is actually a very accurate reflection of how you’re working,” Radcliffe said. “As a runner you have to run according to feel and what your body is capable of.

“That’s why Frontier X really resonated with me, because it looks after your health and it gives you that ability to tune in to your body, but it doesn’t take over your run. You don’t have to listen to it other than a buzz if you’re working too hard.”

“Frontier X is by far the most advanced of any wearable technology available today” – Paula Radcliffe

The Frontier X is a chest strap, worn like a heart rate monitor, yet it records much more. Rather than just beats per minute, the chest-mounted computer measures and records the functioning of the heart and lungs and generates a continuous ECG graph.

By recording this information ‘on the chest’ and within the device itself it can offer a deeper insight into the data when connected to your smartphone after a training session.

The makers of the device have created algorithms that have been tested and validated in laboratory trials, with patents filed on the technology and design.

Whereas heart rate can be affected by various factors such as sleep, stress, caffeine consumption or simply the weather, breathing rate has been shown by recent studies to present a more accurate measure of effort, regardless of conditions.

Frontier X measures breathing rate and uses this to help you find the perfect training intensity.

Frontier X also measures the strain on the heart. While this is helpful for performance it can also serve as a great insight for newcomers to running, perhaps advised to ‘lose weight and get fit’.

It can serve as a reminder to those who might otherwise strain their hearts.

After setting thresholds on the device via the app, it will provide tactile feedback in the form of a buzz should you exceed the limits, allowing you to adjust your pace for best performance.

The Frontier X can be used alone and operate independently of a watch or phone, with the device taking care of all the computing and processing power.

Downloading this data after training provides a visual presentation with ECG graphs as well as information such as breathing rate, strain, cadence, heart rate and training load.

Recommendations are presented given your accumulated training load, breathing rate and cardiac strain.

These are insights which have never been available before and provide the most comprehensive data on your performance and health outside of a laboratory setting.

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