Here we look at some of the latest nutritional and supplements products on the market

Revvies – Starter Pack – £9.50

Designed to provide an almost instant, easy on the stomach boost, Revvies are small, light and easy to consume on the go. No chewing. No sticky waste. No need for water. Studies have found that caffeine is an effective ergogenic aid (meaning it enhances energy production). The strips help you use the bodies stored energy more effectively.

With regular consumption (1-2 strips five minutes before a run, then one strip every 45 – 60 minutes during), the strips could help you concentrate on meeting your fitness, training and racing goals.

Revvies Energy Strips, which contain either 40mg or 100mg of caffeine in each serving, are sugar-free, vegan and gluten-free. The strips dissolve on the tongue and take effect in 5-10 minutes without being as hard on the stomach as caffeine pills, sports drinks, or gels.

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Revvies Energy Strips

Revvies Energy Strips

Advanced – Pro-active Liquid Collagen – £55.00

High concentration advanced liquid collagen delivers joint protection for athletes and active individuals

Research shows that 41 per cent of sports injuries are accounted for by knee injuries, with cartilage damage counting for a significant proportion, meaning that joint health is critical to avoiding prolonged injuries. Launched by Health-Wise (UK), Pro-active Collagen Advanced Liquid has been specifically designed to help maintain healthy joints.

The new Pro-active Collagen Advanced Liquid combines premium hydrolyzed collagen, which is more easily absorbed by the body, with 10 active ingredients to enhance and support the efficacy of the collagen to deliver an exceptional joint health product.

Developed using knowledge from some of the latest scientific research, in several clinical trials this formula was shown to stimulate collagen metabolism, which has proven to improve joint health in all ages.

Collagen levels deplete throughout a person’s life, meaning by the time most people reach the age of 50 their body has lost a third of its collagen making ability.

Brian Colmer, the co-founder of Health-Wise, explained the benefits of the powerful Pro-active Collagen Advanced Liquid, saying: “Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and can be found in bones, muscles, skin, hair and tendons.

“It is the foundation of the body and binds much of our cells together, providing a strong structure, which is obviously vital for athletes, sportspeople and, ultimately, anyone who is physically active.

“However, like any structure, it is prone to damage and wear, which is where our hydrolyzed collagen solution, which is enriched with many other vitamins and minerals, helps to promote improved joint and muscle recovery and protection.”

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proactive liquid callogen

proactive liquid callogen

Precision Hydration – PF30 Drink Mix – £18.99 (15 servings)

Delivering the critical trifecta of carbs (30g per 500ml), fluids and electrolytes (500mg per 500ml, 1,000mg per litre), PF30 Drink Mix is designed primarily for high intensity efforts lasting 1-2 hours, though it can also be a useful contributor to your energy needs during longer sessions.

It delivers a steady stream of rapidly digestible energy along with fluid and a significant level of sodium to combat dehydration and electrolyte losses.

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precision hydration

Precision hydration