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Designed to provide a much deeper massage than traditional recovery tools such as a foam roller or massage ball, the addsfit Elite massage gun is powerful, compact and simple to use.

The addsfit Elite Massage Gun has a premium brushed aluminium construction with a non-slip, oval rubberised grip, making it extremely comfortable to use. The premium feel is backed by a manufacturers’ three-year guarantee for added peace of mind. It’s light too, at only 690g, adding to its ease of use.

Adjusting the speed is simple and the gun can provide a gentle massage, perhaps for use in a warm-up routine, right up to a deep, powerful massage that works well on the largest muscle groups at over 3000 beats per minute!

The built-in battery will provide up to 15 hours of use and is simple to recharge via USB, either plugged into the mains or via your portable battery pack for use when travelling.

The Elite Massage Gun is supplied with five massage heads, each made using anti-bacterial silicone for use on targeted muscle groups and each designed to provide the most effective massaging effect. A neat carry case keeps everything tidy and makes the gun a simple addition to your kit bag when training and travelling.

We like the neat, compact design and premium feel, which make the gun a go-to accessory that’s easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

The addsfit Elite Massage Gun has a recommended retail price of £104 but is available with a 30% discount offer if you CLICK HERE