Former world 400m hurdles champion shares insight into how he has managed to maintain fitness and recover in the right way with limited facilities

Life on the farm took on a whole new meaning for Dai Greene in lockdown. With limited access to facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic, his farmyard in the village of Sedgebrook in South Lincolnshire turned into the 2011 world 400m hurdles champion’s training base as he continued to put in the work ahead of the postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Here Greene shares insight into his training and recovery – featuring a deckchair and his own-brand massage gun – in a behind-the-scenes video.

Exercises shown in his farm gym workout include:

1/2 squats
“A key exercise for me. 3×10 moving to 3×8 and then 3×6 as winter progresses.”

Single arm shoulder press
“Basic upper body conditioning. I typically do 3×10.”

Single leg arabesc
“Using a low weight as a warm up exercise to activate the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, back).”

Jump split squat
“A warm up exercise.”

Overhead press with drop
“A warm up exercise that helps with lifting technique, promoting fast drop and the need to be strong in that position.”

Lunge walks with bar overhead
“More of a conditioning exercise, I do 3×10 each side and it works the glutes and hamstrings. The barbell forces good posture.”

RDL/hip thrust variation
“Good for hamstrings and glutes, I have been doing 3×10. Can be done with a kettlebell.”

Further information on the Dai Greene Tomahawk Massage Gun can be found here.

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