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CBD-based products are on the rise. While many businesses are opening both on the streets and on the Internet, cannabidiol has never been more talked about. Today we will discuss the compatibility of CBD with sports.

All enthusiasts involved in a sport discipline are interested or have been interested in the issue of nutrition and especially dietary supplements. And in the ranks of these we can now find the CBD oil.

Reminder on what is CBD oil

CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis (also known as marijuana). These compounds are part of the cannabinoid family and each have different properties, effects, benefits and drawbacks.

THC is the best known of the compounds, for the psychotropic effects it produces (the famous high). CBD does not contain THC and this is precisely what makes it legal. In other words, you will not get any high or euphoric effect from this substance.

CBD oil of Joy Organics, extracted from the cannabis plant, is also non-addictive.

Sport: the potential positive effects of CBD oil

Cannabis is a plant used by mankind whose uses are not only recreational, but also medicinal. There are uses for the entire plant, including the stem and flowers of CBD.

While studies are still underway to determine the full range of positive effects that this substance would provide, its use is beginning to spread in sports. It would notably help recovery, gain energy and improve performance. It should be noted for those practicing competition that CBD is no longer considered a doping agent.

Reduction of pain and inflammation

One way in which CBD can be useful in the world of sports is through its ability to reduce pain and inflammation, which can be induced by intense sports practice. Indeed, a reduction of inflammation, for example after a long run or an intense session of bodybuilding, will allow a reduction of the pain once the effort is over. 

Increased recovery of muscle fibres

The reduction of inflammation facilitates muscle recovery. Following the effort, the muscular fibres tear through micro-lesions, which trigger inflammation. Following this, the body enters a recovery phase, in order to repair these fibres and make them more resistant and/or voluminous.

It is thanks to this mechanism that it is possible to gain muscle mass, but the danger is not far away when we push our body a little too much. The lesions can then become too important and result in greater inflammation, then in injury. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD will then be a good ally.

Rediscovering sleep

A good sleep is one of the key elements for sports performance worthy of the name. CBD could help improve the quality of sleep by directly affecting the right receptors in the brain. The oil of Joy Organics itself will not make you run faster, but through the improvement of your rest, it will allow you to improve your times or the number of pounds you put on the bar.

Potential performance enhancement

This potential effect of CBD is still under debate, and further studies will be needed to confirm or deny it. In the meantime, it is therefore possible but not certain that CBD allows for an improvement in sports performance, notably via a greater amount of physical energy available in the body.

It remains to be determined if this point is accurate or if it is only the consequence of other benefits of this oil.