Preventing tightness in the iliotibial band (ITB) is crucial to avoid problems in the thick ligaments that run down the outside of the thigh. Lexie Williamson shows you how to do it

This is a great all-round exercise which targets the ITB, piriformis, glutes, adductors, hip and hamstrings.

It is perfect for after a weights sessions or when you have run hills or done speed work.

Lie on your back and hug your right leg into your abdomen.

Place your left hand on your knee and extend your right arm along the floor, shoulder height.

Breathe in. On an exhalation, draw your right knee over to your left. Aim to keep your right shoulder on the floor and turn your head to the right.

Hold for a while and then repeat on the other side.

» Lexie Williamson is a certified yoga instructor who specialises in working with athletes. She is the author of Yoga for Runners (Bloomsbury, £16.99)