As part of our series with reigning world champions, the sprinter shares his memories of London 2017, where he gained 4x100m gold for GB alongside CJ Ujah, Adam Gemili and Danny Talbot

What are your memories of London 2017?

First the 200m heats – I was buzzing so much. The crowd was cheering like it was a final. Then qualifying for the final was another great feeling. Coming fourth was a gut-wrenching feeling.

Then we had the relay heat and I remember I was so sore physically after running the three rounds of the 200m that I actually asked the head of sprints and relays if I could miss the first round and run the final, given the opportunity, but they wanted me to run the heat.

So I ran the heat and I remember I felt good.

We then all took a nap and we came out into the hallway. It was like a boy band, almost like a movie. Have you seen (the film) The Hangover before? Not saying that we were hungover! But you know when they walk into the hallway from their hotel rooms to go to the casino, they all come out at the same time from different entrances. We had a time that we were going to meet in the hallway but we all literally opened and closed doors at the same time. Everybody had the game face on.

That was a great feeling – that instinct with each other mentally. I remember Danny saying, ‘you got this’ and we later went on to become world champions.

How has it changed things for you, becoming a world champion?

The fact that I can call myself a world champion, that changes a lot. But it never changed my goals, it just allowed me to get an experience that we all aspire to have in the sport, of becoming a world champion.

Having team success definitely motivated me to later getting individual success. Albeit being Europeans – getting an individual medal (European 200m silver) was very important to me because I didn’t just want to be known as a relay guy. I want to achieve much more individual success and with that I believe will come collective success for the group.

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