Athlete new year’s resolutions and 2021 targets

Athlete new year’s resolutions and 2021 targets
Some of Britain’s top track and field stars share their hopes and aims for the year ahead

Not everyone sets new year’s resolutions but athletes across the world will be starting 2021 with their own targets and ambitions.

After a challenging 2020 we now head into a belated Olympic and Paralympic year and here some of Britain’s top track and field stars share their aims for the coming 12 months.

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European and Commonwealth 1500m and 5000m medallist Laura Weightman

“I never really make new year’s resolutions but if 2020 has taught me anything it’s to make the most of opportunities every day as you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I hope in 2021 the world is a safer place and that I can qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games. I am excited to test myself more over 5000m and see how fast I can go!”

Laura Weightman. Photo by Etienne Fiacre for Herculis EBS Meeting

British pole vault record-holder Harry Coppell

“I don’t have any resolutions really, but I did have some pre-season training and lifestyle goals going into winter.

“We’re making a lot of changes heading into the 2021 season. The main goals are to stay healthy, find consistency after the changes have been made and to set myself up in the best way I can for outdoors and of course the Olympics.”

European 5000m silver medallist Eilish McColgan

“I don’t have a resolution for 2021. My aims are just to continue being consistent and to build on my mileage and fitness from last year. Of course, the Olympics is my number one goal… but breaking the Scottish record over 10,000m would be a secondary goal!”

Double world para athletics sprint champion Maria Lyle

“I wouldn’t say that for one day of the year I make resolutions, it is more throughout the year, but for next year it is really just building on what I have been doing with managing my anxiety and not taking things as seriously and being a bit more light-hearted.

“Also working hard to do well at my uni work as well as my running, so it is not just all about running, and development in myself as a coach. I want to try and get as much experience as I can.”

British under-20 800m record-holder Max Burgin

“I’m hoping to continue lowering my PB and also to race and perform in competitive races more consistency.”

Max Burgin. Photo by David Lowes

European and Commonwealth long jump medallist Jazmin Sawyers

“I don’t have a new year’s resolution yet but the big goal for the year is to beat my previous Olympic best of eighth place out in Tokyo!”

British 800m champion Keely Hodgkinson

“My new year’s resolution is to try and be on time to things! I’m usually on time for training but anything else it’s very rare I am and my friends go mad about it!

“But my goal in 2021 is to use the lessons I’ve learnt this year with lockdown, such as finding new ways to enjoy training, keeping motivated in the least motivating situations and to enjoy the process!

“My hopes and aims for 2021 are to prove myself racing the older girls and just to get faster and stronger as well as trying to make as many teams as I can.”

British under-20 shot put record-holder Lewis Byng

“My aims for 2021 are to qualify for the European U23 Championships, make the final and podium in the final. I would also like to get the Commonwealth 2022 standard.”

Multiple British indoor record-holder Jemma Reekie

“I don’t really have new year’s resolutions. I aim to stay healthy, injury-free, sleep well, eat well and train hard.

“I hope this year I can become an Olympian and just improve myself to get better. And I hope to see my all my family more in 2021.”

British indoor 400m and outdoor 400m hurdles champion Jessie Knight

“I think I do it (set new year’s resolutions) subconsciously. I think everyone always thinks ‘new year, new me, I am going to try and work on a few things’. For me, most of my goals are athletics based and most of them are just to keep doing things like sleeping well and recovering well. It is not even solely training, it is doing everything outside of that as well and just being as healthy as possible to make sure that whatever happens in the summer, I don’t have any regrets and we have tried everything.

“So I think it is just to be healthy and happy and keep on enjoying what I am doing because I feel really lucky that I get to be a teacher and an athlete. Hopefully a happy 2021.”

Jessie Knight. By Getty Images for British Athletics

Commonwealth discus medallist and English record-holder Jade Lally

“My new year’s resolution a few years ago was to accept a glass of water every time someone offers me a drink (because I don’t drink enough). Since then, I haven’t really made them!

“My 2021 hopes and aims are to make my second Olympic Games.”

British 5000m champion Jess Judd

“My new year’s resolution is probably to try and keep doing my stretching and yoga sessions. We recently made our garage into a gym and I’ve found that after sessions and runs I’ve got a lot better at fitting in the little extra percents of work that I may have missed in the past, so my aim is to do two yoga sessions a week and stretch for 10 minutes at least three times a week.

“My hopes and aims are that races will return in a more normal format, not just for me, but for grassroots level sport and that we can turn a corner on a pretty horrid 2020!”

Lead background photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels, photos of Eilish McColgan and Harry Coppell by Mark Shearman, photo of Maria Lyle by Luc Percival Photography for the International Paralympic Committee

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