AW promotion: Top coach Toni Minichiello shares insight into how he is using Pulseroll products with his athletes

With a range of products aimed at reducing soreness after training, increasing blood flow and speeding recovery, Pulseroll vibrating massage rollers and equipment add an extra dimension to training and recovery.

Used by athletes, coaches and sportspeople from many sports and disciplines, perhaps one of the best-known advocates of the impressive Pulseroll products is Toni Minichiello – former coach to Olympic and world champion heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Toni gave us a unique insight into how he is using Pulseroll with his athletes, as well as some of his thoughts on stretching and training techniques.

“Warming up is an important part of any athlete’s daily training routine. We need to prime the body for activity, before repeatedly performing the task which reminds our body of the job ahead,” he says. “Reinforcing the movement and motor patterns and changing habits helps us perform to our best.

“Part of this routine involves stretching. To put it simply, muscles like to slide and glide, but as we know they can have a tendency to stick. Stretching helps reduce this.

“Of course, there’s been lots of conflicting advice over stretching techniques in recent years, but I’d always say to an athlete ‘do whatever stretches make you feel ready to perform’, and that’s a great yardstick.

“There can be a time when passive and even active stretching just isn’t enough and that’s when Pulseroll comes in. From using the Vibrating Foam Roller for the larger muscles in the legs to the Vibrating Peanut Ball for small areas and now with the Percussion Massage Gun to really target those tricky spots, Pulseroll has become a crucial piece of equipment that I’d recommend to all athletes. My athletes can’t get enough of it.

“From prehab to rehab, by using the Pulseroll products to help release the muscles it makes them easier to operate at their best. The vibrating element helps with the nerve responses and makes stretching and performance that little bit easier.”


» Four levels of vibration
» Three-hour battery life and easy to recharge
» Remote control

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» Four levels of vibration
» Target those hard-to-reach spots
» Three-hour battery life and easy to recharge
» Remote control

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The latest addition to the Pulseroll family. This massage gun offers percussion vibration to replicate the effect of intensive massage therapies.

Supplied with a range of six massage head attachments, there’s something to target each muscle group throughout the body.

The shape of the gun makes using it and reaching areas such as the centre of the back easy to operate by yourself, meaning you can travel with your therapist always at hand!

» Four intensity levels, six massage head attachments
» Quiet noise technology
» Three-hour average battery life
» Carry case makes it portable and easy to travel with

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