AW promotion: Phits have revolutionised the prescription of insoles, with British champions Lily Partridge, Charlotte Purdue and Paula Radcliffe among the many athletes to wear them!

Foot, knee, hip and back pain is commonly a result of poor running biomechanics, often stemming from the feet. A popular intervention to help correct these issues and alleviate pain is bespoke foot orthotics (insoles).

Traditionally, these have been prescribed by a medical professional using a foam impression box or plaster cast to provide the static foot shape, along with their visual opinion of an individual’s gait. However, times are changing…

Scott Barton and George Cummins, Directors of Gait and Motion Technology Ltd, have over 20 years of experience in providing cutting edge biomechanics solutions to private healthcare, research institutes and elite sport.

Having worked with traditional orthotics for many years and knowing the pitfalls in the assessment, prescription and manufacturing processes, they launched Phits Insoles in the UK in March 2018 with the support of business partners RS Scan International and RS Print.

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Phits have revolutionised the prescription of insoles by considering a fundamental measurement that has previously been overlooked – human movement.

As part of the assessment process, an individual is required to complete a running analysis using a high speed footscan® system that monitors the mechanics of their feet to identify any asymmetries or abnormalities, providing detailed information that simply cannot be seen with the human eye, or on a treadmill.

The footscan® technology intuitively translates this dynamic data into the Phits Insole design to complement the knowledge of the medical professional. 3D printing has also provided many clinical advantages over traditional orthotics, including directional and localised stiffness to cater for the individual’s unique foot structure and movement.

Phits are also less than half the weight, accurate to within 0.1mm and exact replicas can be produced if required. They are protected by D3O®, the leading impact protection material, which offers maximal shock absorption, comfort and extreme durability.

There are also key environmental implications of this digital process, as foam impression boxes, plaster casts and paper prescriptions have all been left in the past.

Orthotics aren’t just a therapy for pain, they are widely used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of injury, minimise fatigue and improve running performance.

Marathon world record-breaker Paula Radcliffe explains: “Without the support of Phits Insoles, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn’t have been able to continue my running career.”

Lily Partridge (pictured, top) was assessed at a ‘Phits Expert’ clinic prior to becoming British champion at the London Half Marathon back in March, since stating: “Phits Insoles are amazing, I couldn’t imagine not having them in my shoes and definitely feel that I am running much more balanced. Even in the first run I felt like I was held in a much better position!”

More recently, reigning British marathon champion Charlotte Purdue attended a clinic for her footscan® analysis and Phits Insoles as she prepares for a very important year ahead.

“Working with these guys has enabled me to look after all the 1%s which will enable me to keep training hard, consistently and injury free,” she says.

Many of the UK’s elite runners such as Sir Mo Farah, Lynsey Sharp and Eilish McColgan regularly use this cutting edge footscan® technology to provide accurate, objective information about their running and footwear. Eilish emphasises the importance of this footscan® data, promoting the ethos “if you’re not testing, you’re just guessing!”

The results have been truly phenomenal, with over 140 specialist clinics now offering footscan® analysis and Phits Insoles across the UK and Ireland, having successfully fitted thousands of the population to date. Gait and Motion Technology were awarded ‘Best Start-Up’ at the 2019 Elevate Innovation Awards at ExCeL London. The future is now!

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SOUTH EAST – The Running Lab

At The Running Lab, we combine our knowledge and expertise with the latest technology to help you unlock your performance, boost your performance, improve your efficiency and help you get back to running injury-free. From recreational runner to competitor, we have the science and tools to help you transform how you train.

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SOUTH WEST – Run Lab Clinics

Located within the specialist running store Easy Runner in Bristol, Run Lab Clinics are a leading sports podiatry and biomechanics clinic using state-of-the-art technology to provide assessment and treatment for running, foot and ankle-related injury, along with providing current evidence based thinking around running footwear.

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NORTH EAST – Foot Stop Run Lab Sports Injury Clinic

John Cookson opened Foot Stop in 2010 and is experienced in all aspects of podiatry. His specialism is in biomechanics and sports injuries. This was a natural progression from his background as a former international runner and footwear specialist advisor for Nike and Adidas. This enables John to bring an extensive and unique depth of knowledge to the subject and ensure a successful outcome. His approach is based on years of experience in sport at all levels, including treating professional athletes and sportspeople.

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» Foot Stop, 17 West Auckland Road, Darlington, DL3 9EL

NORTH WEST – Lancashire Runner

With over 30 years’ experience in the specialist running industry, Paul Freary really understands runners, running footwear and feet. The former British half-marathon champion offers Phits 3D-printed insoles in Preston and Bolton, as well as a wide range of the latest footwear from all the leading brands. Using Footscan and digital gait analysis, his unique approach has helped everyone from Olympians to parkrunners.

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