AW promotion: Montmorency US tart cherries are associated with multiple health benefits and here is how you can build them into your diet

Montmorency US tart cherries have a unique nutrient profile. Backed by years of scientific research, these ruby red superfruits are praised for their versatility, nutrient density and health benefits.

Many studies have explored the potential impact of Montmorency tart cherries on exercise recovery, arthritis and gout, heart health and sleep.

The buzz around Montmorency tart cherries is getting louder in the community of endurance sports nutrition after several studies have shown favourable outcomes. Research suggests Montmorency tart cherry juice has a role in preventing symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage and pain by helping to reduce inflammation similar to the effects of common pain medications.

The fruit’s powerful compounds called anthocyanins, also responsible for Montmorency tart cherries’ deep red colour, provide the anti-inflammatory benefits these studies have observed.

Tart cherries are available year-round in dried, frozen or juice forms that you can find in most grocery stores. Most of the studies have focused on Montmorency tart cherry juice — two servings a day prior to an event, as well as afterwards. But there are other ways to add Montmorency tart cherries throughout the day to help reduce exercise-related soreness and speed recovery.

Here are some ideas to incorporate Montmorency tart cherries  into your meals, snacks, and your exercise pre-fuel and recovery.

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