AW promotion: We test the new Eliud Kipchoge PACE 2 GPS sports watch model

After just a couple of training runs with the PACE 2 from COROS, you begin to get an in-depth look into your training and an idea of the kind of information Olympic marathon champion and world record-holder Eliud Kipchoge and his team can analyse in order to help him achieve his goals.

In this PACE 2 Eliud Kipchoge Edition package you receive a COROS POD, which adds the metrics of stride ratio, left and right balance, form power, cadence, stride height, stride length and ground contact time.

A great feature of the PACE 2 is its weight. At just 29 grams it is the lightest GPS sports watch in the world, while the battery life is also exceptional, providing 30 hours of full GPS use – and up to 60 hours in the UltraMax mode. 

On the run, the watch records all the vital details from speed and pace to distance and elevation, while the ability to optimise your training by working in heart rate zones is made possible thanks to the built-in wrist-based monitor.

Away from the track the PACE 2 can provide you with a strength training program from over 200 built-in exercises for a full-body workout, with the device detecting your movement and monitoring your heart as you train.

This special edition includes

PACE 2 – the model used by Eliud at the Tokyo Olympics in a special colour combination featuring red and green accents inspired by the Kenyan flag. 

COROS POD (Performance Optimization Device), used by Kipchoge and his team to analyse his training.  

Silicone Band with red and green accents. 

Nylon Band with red and green trim. 

Special Packaging featuring Kipchoge and a note to the user from the world’s greatest marathon runner himself.

» The Coros Pace 2 Eliud Kipchoge Edition is £219.99

COROS Vertix 2

Another exciting update to the COROS stable is the VERTIX 2. For those with a little more sense of adventure this watch now adds full offline mapping as well as communication with all five major satellite tracking systems at the same time – a feature previously only available in aviation products.

A faster processor, a larger, higher definition screen and extended battery life (up to 140 hours in full GPS tracking)make the VERTIX 2 an essential piece of kit for those who expect the best from a navigation-capable sports watch.

» The Coros Vertix 2 is £599.99

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