Some of Britain’s top track and field stars reveal their resolutions for 2019

British 200m champion Beth Dobbin

“My New Year’s resolution is to have more ‘me time’. I’m guilty of always being busy and not scheduling in time to relax so my resolution is to ensure I’m not overdoing it. This will involve working less and prioritising recovery to ultimately help my performance.”

British indoor long jump record-holder Lorraine Ugen

“I don’t have a New Year’s resolution. I rarely set myself one – I’m about self improvement all year round or when I feel sparked or inspired to do so, and normally during new year I’m not fussed!”


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European 1500m and Commonwealth 5000m medallist Laura Weightman

“I never really set New Year’s resolutions but I always think it’s a good time to reflect on the year and focus on new season goals. 2019 is another exciting and challenging year ahead with the late world championships but I am looking forward to it!”

European 100m and 4x100m champion Zharnel Hughes

“Growth, to win the world championship gold medal, travel a little more and achieve all the goals set out for 2019.”

European 5000m silver medallist Eilish McColgan

“I don’t really have any resolutions for new year. I just want to continue to make sensible decisions with regards to my training, enjoy the whole experience and take any exciting opportunities that come my way.

“Outside of my athletics, I’d like to continue to travel and explore the world. As athletes, we get to travel often but we don’t see anything other than a track or hotel room – I’m making a conscious effort to open my eyes a little more.”


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European 400m hurdles bronze medallist Meghan Beesley

“I usually set New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve if I do. Usually I’ll have a general one and an athletics related one.”

Commonwealth 20km race walk silver medallist and British record-holder Tom Bosworth

“I don’t really have New Year’s resolutions as I see them as the same as ‘diets’ – short term and pointless. If you go on a fad ‘diet’ or plan to do something new for the turn of the year, it’s likely just short term, like the diet is just for a certain period of time, before you go back to your old bad habits.

“For me my motivations stay the same, what drives me are those around me and the opportunity I have in front of me. Not taking it for granted, that is one thing I do like to remind myself of.

“I’m quite blunt on these things because if you need a holiday, or a media driven trend to motivate you, then failure is not far away. Do what you do for yourself and find your own way to motivate yourself every single day, that way happiness and success will follow soon enough.”

British marathon champion Lily Partridge

“Mine is just to continue to get fit, stay healthy and be a better athlete than I was last year.”

British pole vault record-holder and European bronze medallist Holly Bradshaw

“To enjoy life and the journey in 2019, whatever it may bring.”


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European and Commonwealth 1500m bronze medallist Jake Wightman

“My New Year’s resolution is to keep making the most of my experiences in the sport as our careers don’t last forever!”

European and Commonwealth shot put finalist Sophie Mckinna

“My New Year’s resolution is to see more of the world other than just athletics tracks.”

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