The runners reflect on their experience after Swansea Harriers athlete Rees helped an exhausted Wyeth to finish the London Marathon

London Marathon runners Matthew Rees and David Wyeth have become internet sensations following Rees’ decision to stop and help Wyeth to continue after he collapsed close to the finish line on Sunday.

The moment was captured on BBC TV cameras and is an example of the spirit that exists within the running community.

The pair went on to cross the finish line together in 2:52.

Reunited the day after the event, Swansea Harriers athlete Rees and Wyeth of Chorlton Runners reflected on their experience.

You can watch back a live stream of the press conference below.

“I saw David as I was about to get into my stride for a sprint finish,” said 2:29 marathoner Rees.

“He was clearly struggling, and then his legs just went from beneath him and he fell to the ground. At that moment, for me, it was all about going to see if he was okay. It was clear that he wasn’t going to get to the finish line on his own.”

On his gesture, Rees added: “This kind of thing happens all the time in running. When you see someone struggling, you want to help them out. I didn’t want him to run 26 miles for him not to make the last few hundred metres.”

Wyeth added: “What Matthew did yesterday doesn’t surprise me at all as there is such wonderful spirit in the running community. We all love the sport and we help each other.”