The GB international ultra runner takes to the treadmill to answer as many random questions as he can while running a kilometre

1. Favourite place to run in the world?

For training it would be Font-Romeu (France) and for racing, New Zealand.

2. Favourite training session?

Uphill work only. So 4 x 20min with 2min recovery in between.

3. Least favourite training session?

My least favourite is short stuff. Something like 8 x 1km with 90sec in between.

4. Late night or early morning?

Early morning.

5. Who do you most admire?

(Steve) Prefontaine because of the way he went into training sessions and the way that he went into races, it’s just super inspiring. Hard from the beginning. He gave absolutely everything he had.

6. Top hobby?

The first one is bread baking. I have become a very amateur baker in the past couple of months. The second one would be animals. It’s slowly becoming Noah’s Ark in the house. We’re getting our first load of chickens this weekend.

7. Trail, cross country, road or track?

I would choose trails. For me, there’s nothing better than getting out on empty trails in the morning for training. Time goes so quickly and you get to see so much.

8. Favourite treat food?

It’s got to be an almond croissant and flat white coffee inĀ Font-Romeu.

9. Favourite race distance?


10. Stand-out moment in your career so far?

The stand-out moment in my trail career would be winning the CCC, which is a 100km mountain race, in 2018. Closely followed by being selected to race for GB at the European Cross Country Championships last year.

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11.Ā Top three music tracks on your current training playlist?

Good question! I’m quite into a bit of rock music at the moment, so AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ and Linkin Park with Jay-Z, ‘Numb/Encore’. And then my third choice, I’ve got to throw something cheesy in there, so probably some Busted, ‘Year 3000’.

12. What is your earliest athletics memory?

My first athletics memory would be my dad went to watch the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and bought me a T-shirt back and I remember getting that and being really excited. My first one personally would be racing in the national prep schools 1500m, I don’t know what year, in the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, and so that sparked my interest in running.


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