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Zola’s next goal

The legendary Olympian spoke with Euan Crumley about finding her balance, always looking for new challenges and why she has her sights set on the Stirling Scottish Marathon

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New recipe!

Montmorency US tart cherries have a unique nutrient profile. Get the health benefits from these ruby red superfruits by making your own tart cherry almond baked granola cups 🍒 #promotion @CCherriesUK https://athleticsweekly.com/performance/recipe-tart-cherry-almond-baked-granola-cups-1039936797/

Zinc is an essential mineral that's needed by every cell in the body and is vital for normal development and function of cells that are involved in immunity.

Handy for this time of year - did you know you can find it in pumpkin seeds? #PumpkinDay 🎃 https://athleticsweekly.com/performance/how-to-prime-your-immunity-1039929435/

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Brighton Marathon and BM10k

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