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Another good shoe from Under Armour. Light with a snappy riding feel and a great fitting upper. Versatile enough for all your faster training and to use as a racing shoe.

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First impressions

To create the brands lightest and fastest shoe to date, they looked at what added the most weight and removed it, the outsole. By using a new moulded design of the midsole this seems to have worked. The shoe is light, with no loss of traction and so far, durability is as good as any other shoe I’ve tried.


The shoe has the feel of a racer-trainer. Enough cushioning for daily runs, yet light enough for racing. When it comes to racing and faster paced running the shoe certainly has a ‘snappy’ feel, the toe-off is smooth but with an energetic punch. Overall stack-height in the heel is 26mm, so this isn’t up there with the ‘supershoes’ but I don’t think it’s aiming to be. It’s a versatile, useable shoe for everyday running, giving you a smooth lively ride.


The upper is strikingly different too, the ‘UA Warp’ design is semi translucent, being very light and exceptionally breathable (very noticeable in recent weather). Incorporated into this upper are tapes acting like seatbelts, holding the foot securely in place. It’s very supportive but at the same time soft and comfortably snug.


The rubberless outsole is grippy and reduces the overall weight of the shoe. 


It’s a shoe I got along with very quickly and it’s already found it’s place into my weekly rotation of footwear as a faster paced trainer.

Technical info

  • Warp Technology - Moves in unison with the foot to support you through each stride. 
  • Breathable Upper - Increases ventilation to keep you cool. 
  • Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot. 
  • FLOW Technology - Provides responsive and long-lasting cushioning whilst remaining extremely lightweight. 
  • MAPMYRUN - Analyzes your running metrics to help make you a better runner. 
  • Rubberless Outsole - Reduces the overall weight of the shoe. 
  • Durable Outsole - Provides higher traction than traditional compounds to grip the surface better.

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