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The Saucony Triumph 18 is everything you need for churning out the long miles at an average pace. The ultra plush upper and responsive midsole make this a luxury product that does not feel like a clunky brick on the foot. The outsole is very hard wearing and midsole is max-cushion territory ensuring runs even over 30 were easy to handle.

  • Positive
  • New midsole is faster and more responsive
  • This shoe is soft, but retains its structure to offer some support
  • Upper is much improved and the fit is plush and comfortable
  • Negative
  • More cushioning has added a little weight - but lightness is not the aim here
  • The laces were poor. Lacking durability for a high end shoe
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  • Technical info
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First impressions

Replacing the Triumph 17 after only 6 months on the market it a strange decision but Saucony are overhauling and have improved their whole range at a rapid pace, so to keep up with the competiton the Triumph 18 has a brand new midsole and a leaner upper that has been on a bit of a diet for 6 months!

The new midsole is fatter and more plush but the upper is way more deconsturcted that previous version to balance out the weight gain. This high mileage training shoe is build for long lasting comfort and durabilty and delivers a package well worth the asking price. 




Big, soft and plenty of energy return packed up in a much more balanced and responsive way that something like the new Adidas Ultraboost 21. The PWRRUN + midsole is superb, and the shape is well balanced from heel to toe. The toe off feels snappy when you pick up the pace, which isnt the main reason to buy this shoe, but the balance of both cushioning and energy return is brilliant. 


A thick soft tongue that oozes luxury as you slip on the shoe sets the tone for the rest of the upper. The jaquard mesh is covered in a seamless print that creates a great looking product but delivers support where needed without the need for any intusive overlays. The upper is reasonably breathable but did get hotter on warmer days, and the stiff and solid heel counter locked the foot in place and lockdown was greatly improved over the 17. 

The upper looks and feels premium from every angle and there are some nice badging details on the heel. 



Built to last, without being overly heavy or restrictive. A full coverage of hardwearing rubber, cored out in all the right places to allow flexibility but easily able to deliver enough durability for a high mileage training shoes good for 100's of miles of enjoyable running. There is no compormise on durability over weight which is refeshing for a modern running shoe. 


The balance of incredible cushioning, delivered in a responsive way, makes the Triumph 18 a stand out running shoe on the market for anyone looking for a brilliant ride that eats up miles with ease but still has enought snap in there to bring a big smile to your face. 

The Saucony Ride is lighter but not as plush. For an alternative, have a look at the NB 1080 or the Hoka Clifton.

Technical info

  • PWRRUN+ is a full-length responsive cushioning compound that provides a springy and responsive underfoot feel.
  • Tri-Flex design has been updated to help increase flexibility, adaptability, and durability of the shoe.
  • XT-900 Carbon Rubber for added durability and traction.
  • Engineered Jacquard mesh comprises the upper, updated to flex more naturally with the foot while providing lightweight breathability.
  • FORMFIT Contoured Footbed creates a cradle for your foot that provides added guidance and support

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