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Lively cushioning and a responsive feel to this long distance cruiser. It's also light enough to allow you to pick the pace up.

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First impressions

As the number suggests, this shoe has seen some evolution - no bad thing. Cushioning is up to speed - and to be honest always has been - but it’s the fit that has seen the real advances with a seamless upper that offers great comfort.

Putting a pair of Rides on for the first time is always a good experience. You won’t be be greeted with an overly soft experience, but neither is it a firm ride. It’s a happy medium that gives the impression that it’ll be happy with a bit of pace work as well as taking on your longer run every week. A shoe that is happy with the tag, ‘all-rounder’.



Saucony has used its cushioning Everun for what it describes as ‘livelier and more responsive’. We say you’ll feel that there is a good response when you get up on your toes but best of all, when you’re feeling a bit heavy there’s comfort to call on. Probably, you’ll need a more technical shoe if you’re thinking racing or taking on testing terrain, but for everyday action - it’s more than up to the job. The 8mm offset is pretty standard in that it’s low but not overly so.


Saucony has made some good advances in the upper fit and the Flexfilm technology it uses is a strong, lightweight material that is melded to the upper, which allows for fewer layers in the shoe. The result is a seamless, flexible feel. It’s kind of what you expect now from a shoe. Gone are those clunky shoes that didn’t bend or mould to your feet. Definitely we liked the fit; maybe the super picky will say they need to be a bit more stable and supportive but remember they don’t sell themselves as that so it’s being a bit picky! Nice bits of detail include a woven heel piece which is comfortable but more importantly, suitably supportive for road action. It’s also worth mentioning these have a wider fit.


Under your feet, the shoe is acceptably durable. Again, extreme tests will probably see it out but the Tri-Flex technology increases force dispersion over a greater surface area while also delivering optimal flexibility and traction. Essentially it lends itself to mixing and matching pace with endurance. Nice.


On the road, this is a shoe that can comfortably cope with the demands most runners will put the shoe through on a daily basis. It is certainly cushioned enough for long runs and definitely light enough to handle workouts on the road.

The Saucony Ride 10 also won the Best Update in the 2017 Runner's World shoe awards.

Technical info


PWRFoam is a new midsole material that provides a lively ride with excellent durability.

EVERUN Topsole provides an additional layer of responsive cushioning to further enhance energy return.

SRC Landing Zone absorbs impact and extends into midfoot for a smooth transition.

Vertical Flex Groove enhances forefoot flexibility.


Tri-Flex design has been updated to help increase flexibility, adaptability, and durability of the shoe.

XT-900 is primarily utilized in the heel and is a carbon rubber material that increases traction without sacrificing durability.

IBR+ in the forefoot is a lightweight flexible material that offers enhanced cushioning and a responsive ride.


Engineered mesh now covers the upper to provide an adaptive, lightweight fit.

Flex Film Overlays are made of a thin film that is welded to the upper for a snug, secure fit.

Woven Heel Collar secures the heel with a smooth, snug wrap.

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