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The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is a game changing training shoe that features Nike's super foam, ZoomX, for a ride that's both soft and ultra-responsive beyond anything currently on the market.

  • Positive
  • Bonkers soft cushioning
  • Comfortable upper with a plush collar
  • Highly responsive and versatile
  • Negative
  • Expensive compared to alternative Nike shoes
  • Narrower than the Nike React Miler
  • Zoom X foam is exposed and its subject to getting damaged easily
  • What we thought
  • Technical info
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First impressions

Pitched as high cushioning and high energy return. The Nike ZoomX Invicible has the lightest, bounciest and most responsive midsole ever made. This was an eyes wide open shoe out the box, putting a huge smile on my face running down the road for the first run. 

The counter in the range to the new Nike Vomero 15 which is firm and efficient, this is the shoe that runners who want the most cushioning possible have been waiting for. This is pure ZoomX foam with no plates or additions to water down the softness. This is the pure cushion side of the range compared to speed or responsiveness. 


This midsole is a stand out product on the market - it is THE benchmark that every other brand has to go and chase the cushioning market. Nike just lept over everyone and layed down the gauntlet for max cushioning. Nike own the performance market with the Next% range, and they have utlised much of the technology from these shoes to blow up the cushioning market with crazy amounts of plush foam. 

The foam had incredible compression and springs back to its original shape to deliver responsiveness. The durabiliy over time is good and the foam is hard wearing but it can easily be damaged as its subject to abrasion. This shoe leaps the Clifton 7 or the Nimbus 23 quite easily for cushioing, but the ZoomX form is far more responsive. The base of the unit is incredibly wide to offer some stability on a very soft base, and the heel clip holds the foot in place pretty well. Nike have designed a flare in the forefoot to widen the base even further, so all round it has been well thought through and has learnt from some mistakes of the past models that inspired it. 


This is a flyknit upper that feels a lot like a soft engineered mesh that has a slight stretch, with some breathability. The lacing system works well as its wide and had good adjustabiity, and the tongue is padded with a gusset construction. 

The padding on the collar is overkill, but it is still great. I guess it has to match the plushness of the midsole! 


The rubber base on the shoe is thin to reduce the weight, but the small waffle lug pattern all over grip incredibly well, even on wet pavements. The outsole is rounded and flexible so it is very responsive, and avoids making this a stiff shoe. 

The small lugs carry on to the lateral heel, which I wore out faster than many shoes, but once worn down I didn't wear through rubber completely. Durabilty is good and the shoe adapts to surfaces well with a full rubber coverage. Overall, the outsole is excellent for a lightweight cushion shoe. 


Wow, next level responsiveness and cushioning. Everything about this shoe works together to create a next level cushioned product. Very wide base for support, ultra thick ZoomX midsole for crazy softness, and a soft supple upper. Market leading in its category and a game changing product. 

Technical info

  • ZoomX foam technology delivers Nike's greatest energy return, providing ultimate responsiveness and cushioning for long-distance racing.
  • Full-length rubber outsole with a waffle pattern offers great traction and durability.
  • Flyknit Construction has a breathable and sock-like fit.
  • Gussetted tongue provides a consistent fit and a comfortable lockdown.

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