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Choose carefully, get excited at the prospect of a shoe that looks very much like the Alphafly but is £90 cheaper but at anything less than tempo pace it becomes a very expensive brick like shoe!

  • Positive
  • Looks amazing and tech packed
  • Great at speed
  • Negative
  • Clunky at slower pace
  • Plate becomes stiff when pace drops
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First impressions

Looks like the Alphafly. ZoomX foam and those forefoot AIR units along with a nylon plate give it a scaled down feel of the range topping model. Designed for tempo pace - it feels good when it goes quicker, question is, can everyone hit the sweetspot pace?!


A lot going on here. Zoom X and React foam combination with twin Air units in the forefoot along with a nylon plate. The cushioning and response of the shoe varies a great deal. More than any other shoe we've ever tried. At slow speeds it is just heavy feeling, clunky and noisey. The forefoot seems to slap the ground due to the stiffness. But as you pick up the pace the shoe come alive, feeling more and more responsive and almost energised. As the name suggests tempo pace is the swwet spot. The issue really is, is that sweet spot the same for all runners? - no - so who will really benefit most? Given the rather steep price it's somewhat of a risk as to if you'll enjoy the shoe or not.


Combination knit and engineered mesh design. Roomy across the forefoot but tends to bunch a little in the instep area. Stetch ankle collar fit, so a bit of a squeeze for some to get in there. Overall ok, but you can see where improvements could be made next time around.


Certainly best designed for roads, there's good coverage but not exceptional traction for anywhere else.


If you can try the shoe before you buy, do so and try them at different paces to decide if you can cope with the variation in feel and feedback at different speeds.

We would recommend the Vaporfly Next% which is faster and better!

Technical info

  • ZoomX foam technology.
  • Nike React Heel i
  • Dual Visible Zoom Air Units 
  • Full-length composite plate is embedded in the foam to enhance propulsion.
  • Integrated tongue provides a consistent fit and a comfortable lockdown.

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