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A rather specific design to the shoe, it feels at its best when you pick up the pace and are striking the ground with a mid to forefoot gait. In that, it is very specific, but if you are able to attain that speed and motion you'll enjoy this shoe no end.

  • Positive
  • Light and responsive
  • Sock-like fitting upper
  • Promotes faster gait
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  • Not for everyone - see our verdict
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First impressions

It looks fast and it is. The shape and design are a little unusual but after a few strides you sense where the designers where coming from and the shoe begins to feel natural and smooth, especially as you pick up the pace.

The Fuelcell Rebel sits in the middle of two great fast training shoes, above the Fresh Foam Tempo and below the Fuelcell TC.


A FuelCell midsole material give the shoe that responsive 'zip' you want from a faster paced shoe. The way the brand have cleverly engineered the shape of the midsole to 'catch' the midfoot on impact on the lateral side of the foot, allows it to roll in and off very naturally and promote a smooth transition when on the ground. 


The knitted upper mesh has a sock-like quality to it and with the lacing system being incororated into the design, it fits closely and is snug and secure without being too tight. It has an almost track spike quality about it. 


At first glance it there doesn't appear to be much outsole, but the translucent rubber they've used is very durable and doesn't add too much extra weight to the package.


If you regularly incorporate tempo runs and interval sessions into your training and enjoy that feeling of 'picking up the pace' - this is the shoe for you. It's like the shoe wants you to go fast, engaging with the foot to propel it down the road. It's by no means an everyday shoe, but on the right days it's great.

Technical info

  • 2- part high-rebound FuelCell midsole with a focus on forefoot propulsion - the midsole is shaped to enhance this ride.
  • Engineered on an 6mm offset and ideal for midfoot to forefoot strikers.

A review by callumc July 3, 2020

Frickin Love These

Owned these in a UK 9.5 for about 6 months now and I've ran 370km in them! Been my go to workout shoe this year. Compared to other NB shoes I went up half a size as they are a snug fit!

Light and comfortable upper with a lively midsole and just enough cushioning to not leave you totally beat up! The midsole design leads them to suit a mid-forefoot strike and I'm not sure how they would hold up to a heel strike.

I've used them for interval work, fartleks, tempo runs and faster long runs up to 10miles. I think they could probably stretch to a half marathon but not sure they have enough cushion for longer (certainly not for amateur runners, pros would probably be fine!). Been a great fast training / short distance race shoe to compliment the Vaporfly 4% and New Balance Fuelcell TC I have for half - full marathons.

I would say mine have lost some of their 'pop' in the last 50km or so, running at 5k pace is more of a slog than it used to be.

I've enjoyed them so much I recently bought a second pair in NB's summer sale so think they will be getting broken in soon!

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