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Mizuno has been making the Wave Rider for a very long time and it remains the jewel in the range for them with a very faithful following, for all the reasons that make this a really good all round shoe. The new Wave Rider 25 has received some excellent updates that will not alienate the current group of runners wearing and enjoying the shoe, and the balance of responsiveness and versatility at pace is still there.

  • Positive
  • Very plush upper
  • Slightly improved cushioning over previous versions
  • Solid outsole and well built
  • Negative
  • Expensive
  • Slightly slappy at slower pace
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First impressions

Straight out the box this is a real toe wiggler. The fit and feel of the upper is super smooth and soft, and it fits like a glove with fantastic support and plush padding. The first run was a surprise and also something I wasnt expecting, as the cushioning is considerably softer than the previous versions which was a slight concern. In a time when brands are pushing more and more to add softer and softer cushioning to midsoles like the Nike ZoomX Invincible, there is something really great about the plush but firmer rides of the Wave Rider and Brooks Ghost type shoes keeping more traditioning underfoot comfort than the all out pillows that many shoes now strive for. 

It was on my 4th run, that I decided my worries were over - the Wave Rider is softer than before but its still got the firmer responsiveness that makes this a great all day trainers meets tempo training shoe. Fast from heel to toe, and light enough to pick up the pace without compromising protection. 


Mizuno added a full-length Enerzy Foam compound to the Wave Rider making this a softer shoe than previous versions, but the responsiveness has not been compromised. This is a high mileage training shoe that you can happily pick up the pace in or race a marathon without much concern ( note - marathons should cause concern, they are hard, but made easier in a pair of Wave Rider!) 

The midfoot was been modified too, and the there is now no rasied arch, which is really helping to improve the heel to toe transition and aleviate some slap from previous models. There is constant ground contact through out the gait cycle and it really benefits the forefoot as you can feel the updated cushioning on longer runs especially. 


Fantastic. Amazing padding that wears really well, and a seamless fit that is super comfortable from the off. Looks are not everything, and it is pretty plain but the fit is wonderful, and the shoe just sits on the foot perfectly. A really good upper and last shape all round. 


Pretty exposed heel but rubber on the laterial and medial sides where it is needed, and a really durable forefoot make the Wave Rider a hard wearing shoe. The lug pattern on the outsole is also improved and slightly more agressive lugs in the forefoot now with means it is easier to travel off road a little now compared to the almost smooth outsole of previous versions. 


True to form, and a really good all round shoe that has a strong cult following, all of who will not be disappointed. Well built, great performance and enough cushioing to please anyone without becoming too crazy and upsetting the current Mizuno lovers. 

Technical info

  • AIRmesh Upper - Breathable upper allows air to flow in and out of the shoe.
  • Dynamotion Fit - Provides a fit that moves the way you do, actively working with your foot throughout the gait cycle.
  • Forefoot And Rearfoot Protection - Thicker material protects the feet.
  • Secure Fit - Secure laces and a padded tongue allow you to find a comfortable fit.
  • Premium Insock - High-grade removable insock for premium comfort, cushioning and durability.
  • Wave Technology - For dynamic stability and a responsive ride.
  • U4ic Midsole Material - Provides a high level comfort and performance, while still being extremely lightweight.
  • Mizuno Enerzy Heel Wedge - Adds premium underfoot softness.
  • Intercool - A full-length ventilation system.
  • X10 - Allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at the heel strike.
  • SmoothRide - Promotes a smooth, natural stride.

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