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The best racing shoe in the brands line up. Cheaper than the Carbon X, lighter and more responsive. For any distance 5k to marathon for race day feel, this is the one to go for for Hoka fans.

  • Positive
  • Light and fast
  • Carbon plate
  • Great value
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  • Better foam could improve it even more!
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First impressions

Hoka's best road racing shoe to date. Light and fast the shoe instantly feels like it's going to make you quicker. A close fitting upper is everything a fast shoe should feel like, hugging the foot with minimal effort. They feel light on the foot and less bulky than many of the brand's shoes. As the pace picks up the carbon plate offers a more propulsive toe-off. It's not as springy as some carbon racers, but it feels good and for the money it hits the spot.


A 1mm thick carbon plate is placed between the two layers of cushioning, the bottom of these also acting as the outsole. It's a realitvely firm feel when compared to the 'springy' foams of other carbon racers and that's good in that it remains relatively stable too. The overall feel will be a personal experience, but I found no issue switching between the softer racers and this model. The shoe felt like a GT car, a long distance racer, happy to cruise but able to inject a little extra when required.


A fuss-free design looks striking and fits well. It's not overly fussy but it does the job. 


Small areas of rubber are added in key areas of friction which, along with the slightly harder wearing bottom layer of midsole foam, provide a reasonably durable sole. Wear is as expected, but it's designed for the roads so it's pretty smooth down there.


For Hoka fans it's the brands best racer to date. Lighter and faster feeling than the new Carbon X2, it is happy at anything from 5k to the marathon. In the world of carbon racers, it's the cheapest too but also performs as well as the more expensive options such as the Nike Vaporfly Next% or the New Balance Fuelcell RC.


Technical info

  • 1mm carbon fiber plate delivers a smooth transition through the gait cycle
  • Zonal rubber placement for weight savings and durability

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