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Soft cushioned off-roader. If you don't mind the ride height off-road, then consider the Speedgoat as the cushioning will make for a smooth ride on a rough surface. The midsole has the ability to absorb most of the minor stones and creates a protective shoe for everyday training runs.

  • Positive
  • Can cope with a wide variety of trails
  • Amazing cushioning without compromising support
  • Durable and great fitting upper
  • Negative
  • The overlay on forefoot was a little rigid and intrusive
  • Very high ride height not for everyone
  • A touch heavy but insignificant in the overall balance
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  • Technical info
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First impressions

It features the maximal cushioning the brand is best well-known for; which is considered extremely high in the trail running category. If you are after the ultimate underfoot plushness and you are not bothered about a nimble responsive ride, there are no better shoes on the market. 

With such deep cushioning and given the shoes natural habitat off-road, the low (4mm drop) isn’t too noticeable and feels easy to get along with on the trails. 

The Speedgoat model has been around for a while and has proved hugely popular. It sits below the brand's top off-road offering, the Hoka Mafate 2Hoka Stinson ATR, but above the lower, more aggressive Torrent models.


The injected moulded EVA is durable and soft minimising any feeling of the stones below your feet. The misole is shaped in Hoka's Meta-Rocker Geometry which will help you roll forward and encourage efficient running mechanics.

A hot transfer graphic adds some great branding without compromising the responsiveness, giving a fast and agressive look to the shoe. 


The Gore-Tex upper offers water-proof protection to keep you dry and is probably more ‘usable’ in a shoe aimed at the longer off-road events the shoe is best suited for.

Once piece Jaquard upper is rigid and durable - capable of taking some abuse on the trails and cleans off easliy if you are that way inclined! Personally I love a really muddy or dusty trail shoe

The toe box and quarters on the shoe are wrapped in a seam-free weld for extra support and durability, delivering a thin yet snug feel. 

As with all Gore-Tex shoes, this is more suited to more inclement weather, and isn't totally suited to warmer days, as the breathability is restricted regardless of what the Gore manufaturers say. 


Traction comes from the Vibram outsole, with stronger, deeper studs to the outside to create a good footing off the road. 

Vibram Mega Grip is the top end compound for trail running, offering superior grip in wetter conditions. 

The lugs are well spaced and suitable to more extreme conditions and the grip is excellent. The lugs are well designed but will be suseptable to wear if you use the shoe too much on harder surfaces. This shoe is designed for sole use on the trails and should be kept on the trail. 


A great off-road offering from Hoka. Soft and high riding, it's a comfortable shoe go venture out in. The Speedgoat is a Hoka flagship shoe and the Speedgoat 4 is everything a lover of the 3 will like with some added improvements. 

Technical info

Injected EVA Midsole is a durable compound that runs the full length of the shoe, offering soft, enhanced cushioning and support.

Balanced Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry is a rockered midsole design engineered to encourage efficient running mechanics.

Vibram Megagrip Hi-Traction outsole features aggressive lugs for increased traction and stability.

5mm Lugs provide exceptional grip on trails.

Outsole Flex Grooves allow for freedom of movement and added stability on trails.

Engineered Mesh on the upper is designed to be breathable and flexible while providing structure for security on uneven terrain.

Reinforced TPU Midfoot Overlays ensure a secure fit. 

Midfoot cage construction is designed to provide a snug, locked-down fit.

Reinforced Toe Cap protects toes from debris and adds aberration resistance.

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