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Range topping shoe and range topping performance. If you can afford the premium over the very competent GTS Adrenaline, then this shoe adds a little more cushioning to enhance the soft and smooth ride. For ladies, particularly those with small feet, they may question if they need 'this much shoe' as the deep cushioning can be less flexible in small sizes, so try them first to assess the flexibility.

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  • Bags of cushioning
  • Smooth ride with good levels of support
  • Plush and luxurious feel
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First impressions

Lots of soft, deep cushioning and a well made, engineered mesh upper to provide a shoe that fits and feels beautiful from the first step. It's a premium model and it doesn't disappoint. 

In terms of price it sits just below the Brooks Bedlam 2 in the support line of shoes and above the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 and the lighter weight Ravenna 11.


The DNA Loft midsole is supremely smooth riding and soaks up impact. Guiderails sit atop the midsole to provide a cup-like place for the heel bone and foot. These rails work very well in stabilising the foot and for over-pronators, the show works just as well as the tradditional medial post design used by many other brands.


A new, seamless, enginnered mesh has a plush fit. It feels a little roomier than previous versions as well as having a soft handle. It's certainly a very nice feel and fit around the foot. Lots of padding around the heel collar makes the initial step-in very welcoming and this feel continues for every step.


A carbon rubber heel offers a durable first point of contact, whilst the rest of the sole is blown rubber to add to the ride. The traction offered is perfectly adequate, even on light trails and the closer connected section on the medial side, helps add to the stability.


Deep, plush cushioning and Guiderails for support, this shoe offers the best of both worlds. For those seeking an exceptionally smooth ride that remains stable and are prepared to pay a slight premium for it, the shoe is a great choice. Whilst the shoe is essentially a 'pumped up' version of the GTS Adrenaline, it should be a little more durable and retain its cushioning properties a little longer. Ultimately, it will be a toss up between the 2 models for many.

Technical info

The brands premium cushioning material, DNA Loft offers a soft and supremely cuhsioned feel. The Guiderails provide support to stabilise the foot.

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