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Light, fast and responsive, the shoe feels more road racer than trail warrior, but it's the better shoe for it. It tackles rough ground easily and essentially makes light work or the trails. The DNA Flash midsole is softer and smooth feeling than any trail shoe cushioning out there and with a rock guard and rugged outsole really can go anywhere with ease and comfort.

  • Positive
  • Light DNA Flash cushioning
  • Smooth and responsive ride for a trail shoe
  • Flexible, road racer feel
  • Negative
  • White upper for a trail shoe - really?!
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First impressions

A brand new shoe in Brooks line-up, the Catamount is now the lightest and fastest shoe in their trail collection. 

Featuring Brooks' new nitrogen-infused midsole, this shoe offers ultralight cushioning and a springy ride for the runner focused on going fast. Thanks to the tough traction and rugged underfoot protection, you can have the confidence to take on any terrain.

If you're looking to push your limits and add some speed to your trail runs, add the Brooks Catamount to your collection.


The Nitrogen infused DNA Flash midsole provides a light, cushioned ride with a nice level of responsiveness and feedback from the trail. It worked well in the Hyperion Tempo road shoe, but here it possibly works a little better. On the rougher ground of the trails it manages to absorb the impact a little better and feel smoother and even more adaptable. 


A simple, lightweight mesh with rubberised overlays for protection and durability that's made with the same high level of construction we'd expect from the brand. It fits around the foot well feeling protective without the usual bulk associated with many trail shoes.

The bright white colourway was chosen to highlight the story of your off-road adventures and it certainly does that!


A rock guard and sticky rubber outsole provide good protection on any surface and the evenly spread studs are a nice depth to see you tackle mud easily, firmer ground and even the occasional stretch of road.


A new sub catagory of trail shoe has been created, fast and far and there's no reason why this shouldn't do both. It feels comfortable enough to go long and light enough to go fast; combining the two is up to you!

It's well-made and coming from a road shoe brand has that comfort factor often not found in pure off-road manufacturers, where their shoes tend to have a clunky, more rugged feel. 

Step in comfort is great and remains so after many miles on the trails.

Technical info

  • DNA FLASH midsole is nitrogen-infused to offer lightweight cushion and responsive feel.
  • Ballistic Rock Shield is a thermoplastic EVA sheath layered between the outsole and midsole for protection against sharp rockjs and stones.
  • TrailTak rubber outsole provides confidence-inspiring, sticky traction in dry and wet conditions on a variety of surfaces.
  • Open Mesh upper is lightweight, breathable, secure and white!
  • TPU Mud Guard surrounds the join between upper and midsole to provide protection from trail debris. 

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