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Our verdict

Ok, but find a pair of GT2000 or GT1000 from last season and you'll get a better shoe for less!

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First impressions

A cheaper version of the GT2000 / GT1000 - with more 'entry level' materials use.


No GEL here, but as it's been an ever decreasing feature in many of the brands shoes recently as it gives way to better foams, are you missing out? The midsole foam is branded FlyteFoam, same as in much more expensive models! Doesn't feel quite the same but doe a reasonable job and is adequate for three times a week 5ks around the park.


Usual engineered mesh design, nice fit and breathable. Nothing fancy, nothing fancy required.


A simple rubber sole, ok durability and does the job.


An ok shoe, simply a dumbed down model of the GT1000, with 'value brand' materials. Seek out a pair of GT1000 from last season and you'll get a better shoe for less!

Technical info

Not much in the way of specific tech here, ok, the brand point out a few features, but really they are dressing up things found on every shoe on the market.

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