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Designed to make running feel easier. It does that to a certain extent, we're just not sure it the ride feels suitable for everyday use.

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  • Can it be worn everyday? Not sure
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First impressions

An unusual shoe in its shape and feel. Rocker geometry gives a strong toe off and is aimed at making running further easiler. Once up to speed to does feel smooth, but it may turn out to be suitable for a very narrow selection of runners.


The Guidesole shape aids foot roll and with a stiffer forefoot helps toe-off. This aims to improve efficiency, but of course this will also have an effect on your kinetic chain, sending forces higher up the leg. Ultimately it does feel good, but we found it better on shorter, less frequent runs.


Very nice engineered mesh with a 3D like style. Well engineered and finished, it fits very well, with a neat, plush feel.


A skeleton like selection of rubber elements placed in key areas of wear and traction. It's road only as it's a relatively smooth finish.


It certainly feels a very differnet shoe from many and with that, feels very good. It's just we're not sure you'd want to run in it everyday. It's a stange feeling, almost in that it needs to be running at a very specific speed to be at it's best. Of course that speed will be different for everyone! It you are the kind of runner that likes to run in a different shoe everyday, you're sure to be able to find a day for this one, but for many, it may prove a little too niche.

Technical info

  • 3D Guidance Line smooths the transition and enhances footstrike efficiency.
  • GUIDESOLE technology offers an efficient ride by combining a rockered sole with a stiff forefoot.
  • Grip Sole Outsole is durable and slip-resistant.

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