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The race to create the ultimate marathon racing shoe is taking the running shoe world by storm right now and adidas have finally entered the market with a more traditional looking but highly impressive racing shoe that delivered incredible performance without the crazy design language!

  • Positive
  • Low profile carbon performance looks and feels great
  • Thinnest adidas upper ever fits fantastically well
  • Continental outsole is very durable compared to other elite racers
  • Negative
  • Looks a bit boring compared to other space age shoes
  • Lightstrike foam isnt as bouncy as Zoom+
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  • Technical info
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First impressions

Now this is what a racing shoe should look like - fast out the box. The adizero pro looks pretty normal when you first pick it up. The stack height is higher than the old adizero pro from the last decade in order to accomodate the curved carbon plate but without checking the shoe could easily be mistaken for a new adizero Boston

The overall weight as expected is absolutely featherweight, and the upper is insanely thin and breathable, with superb lock down with the adizero last that has gained so may fans over the years. 

If you want an adidas shoe that is a little more forgiving, check out the adidas adizero Adios 5.


All the real 'new' technology is in the midsole here as expected but adidas have really only tweaked all the technologies they currently have and accomodated a carbon plate which they claim to have tweaked with elite athletes to get an optimal 30 degree angle at toe off to deliver plenty of spring in the gait cycle. The overall effect is quite a traditional feel without the exteme rocker that many of the newest shoes on the market utilize, but there is a distinct propulsion and the shoes do feel incredibly efficient when you are running at speed. 

Lightstike is a TPU infused foam that offers great structure and isnt marshmallow soft like many shoes, so the responsiveness of these lightweight racers is incredible. It runs round the external sides of the midsole and is cored out in the centre to accomodate a heel to midfoot boost foam which needs no real explanation. The combination of the two foams delivers a perfect balance of spring, support and guidance, which really compliments the carbon plate that sits on top of the midsole (patents by nike do not allow other brands to sandwich the plate between foams). The plate was not intrusive and you really would never know it was in there when you step in the shoe, the ride is soft but firm and reponsive not harsh in any way. 


Celarmesh technology is the lightest and thinnest material adidas have ever used on a shoe. There is very little elasticity but it moulds to the foot really well so the lock down is great, but there is zero issue wearing this shoe without socks as the internals are really smooth and offers zero irritation. 

The only gripe with the upper was the welding on the edge of the tongue that did feel a little hard against the ankle when you flexed the shoe, but only if you dont wear socks. 

Huge 3 stripe logo (well you need to see them on the TV when elite athletes are wearing them) are printed on so there are soft and purely decoration. 


Continental rubber in the forefoot is excellent for wet traction and gives excellent durability and adidas have kept faith with KURIM sections (hard wearing TPU fused to a material base) in the heel - that have been used in the adizero range since its invention. Kurim increases flextibility but most importantly greatly reduces weight where durability isn't needed so much. I did appreaciate the coverage of the midsole though and the adizero pro will be one of the more hardwearing carbon racing shoes on the market because of it. 


Adidas finally come to the game with an updated carbon plate shoe (remember adidas have experimented with carbon plates since 2002 for Haile Gebrselassie's marathon but never really got it right - it took nike to curve the plate to really make a stiff shoe wearable).

The adizero pro new for 2020 is a traditional looking rocket booster shoe that delivers incredible perfomance but packaged up in a fantastic looking racing shoe that traditionalist will adore! 

The the absolute winner is the fact that adizero pro is priced to be incredibly competitive and makes a mockery of the retail ticket on the nike Vapourfly products. 

Adidas Adizero Pro - an insanely quick and highly affordable piece of running equiptment designed to deliver you a new PB or PR (depending on which side of the pond you live) 

Technical info

The multidirectional Carbitex carbon plate provides flexibility at touchdown and maximum propulsion.

The new midsole features a combination of Lightstrike, which provides super-light cushioning, and the Boost technology in the heel for temperature-independent comfort and optimised energy return.

Single-layer Celarmesh – Adidas’ thinnest mesh ever, which completely locks down the foot.

Quickstrike DSP and Continental rubber transition: the lightweight, injected DSP outsole provides flexibility and durability both on road and track, whilst Continental – a high-performance rubber compound – provides superior grip in all weather and ground conditions

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