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Nike Epic React launches a new nike midsole foam

Nike Epic React launches a new nike midsole foam

Nike’s new Epic React, launched on 23rd January will feature in-house manufacturing that will allow for speedier production which is a radical shift for the brand.

The brand’s latest technology features a proprietary foam technology in the midsole and a flyknit upper. The certainly look different and at, we’re on the hunt for a pair!

We’ll review in due course but nike are claiming that the new foam has been 3 years in the making so we hope it’s been worth the wait. The Epic React are reported to be sleek and incredibly light.

The new foam is a synthetic rubber compound that is designed to be durable but highly responsive. Another big upside for the brand is that this proprietary tech allows for a speedier production. What that means in real terms? Only time will tell but it should mean that there will be no shortage of this new model.

Brett Holts, the company's vice president of running footwear states, "We call this Nike's most complete foam. We feel like it gives us an edge over everything else that's in the market right now."

"Because it's made in house, we basically control everything. How quickly we can fill demand helps with our push to innovate with a sense of speed and precision," Holts said.

Typically, Nike’s design and production process takes about a year, the new process should bring this process down to under six months.

The Nike Epic React comes at a good time for the brand. It’s been hit hard by Adidas sales in recent months and this shoe and its technology goes head to head with Adidas’s Boost running technology which we’re a big fan of.

We cannot wait to get our hands on a pair and let’s hope they’re as good as they look!