Advice on how to find the right footwear for you

When I started to run around 40 years ago, the selection of running shoes available was rather limited. The models on sale were also very much ‘variations on a theme’.

Nowadays there is a dazzling array of brands and models available, each one suitable for a particular surface and type of running gait.

In this guide, I aim to explain the differences in various models and how to go about finding the best shoe for your feet and running style.

However, just as with running, reading about it will only get you so far. So, armed with the knowledge from within the guide, visit your local running specialist, try the shoes and see for yourself.

Paul Freary
Product Reviewer, Athletics Weekly

Inside the guide you’ll find:

» Advice on how to find the right footwear for you
» The best trail, support, neutral and racing footwear options
» An interview with two-time Olympian Lynsey Sharp
» A feature on shoe evolution
» A look at how the marathon world record has progressed in recent years

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