Shoe guru Paul Freary takes a look at the Cloudboom racing footwear

The new On Cloudboom is the brand’s second out and racer, sitting alongside the Cloudflash.

The Cloudboom takes the role as a longer-distance racer and while it offers more cushioning thanks to the deeper Helion cushioning, we feel it is still better suited to maybe 5km and 10km.

The full-length Pebax plate adds to the responsive feel and works well with the Helion cloud elements. It also means the brand keeps in the all-important ‘plated racing shoe’ race.

The upper is a great fit, as we have come to expect from On. Light breathable mesh wraps the foot well and the minimalist design lets you know it’s built for speed.

Overall it’s a good contender at shorter road distances and perfect for the efficient, mid-to-forefoot striker. With a deeper layer of cushioning this shoe could very well become a serious marathon contender too, so perhaps we have that to look forward to?

Price: £170


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