Shoe guru Paul Freary takes a look at the Novablast footwear

When a brand uses the phrase ‘Trampoline effect’ in their description of a shoe we usually approach it with just a little trepidation. Thankfully, the ASICS Novablast provides just what it promises and certainly provides a smile-inducing ride as it enthusiastically takes you down the road.

The shoe uses ASICS’ new FLYTEFOAM Blast material (a new mixture of foam) and that’s what gives it the unique feel. It’s a deeply cushioned ride, too, so not a super lightweight model, but certainly not heavy and it feels light and neat on the foot.

This is perfect for tempo runs, interval sessions or racing perhaps for heavier runners. The soft and responsive nature also means it’s strictly for those with a neutral gait as that springy feel and rather narrow footprint can make it feel a touch unstable.

The engineered mesh upper has a unique design which allows high breathability and provides a good, foot-hugging fit.

Price: £120


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