AW’s running shoes guru says this carbon-fibre plated shoe feels a little like a track spike

One of the new ‘supershoes’, the fact that it’s taken us a little while to try this model is testament not just to its popularity, but that of all carbon-plated road racing shoes.

The first thing of note is the stack height or rather lack of it. Where many of the next generation shoes are in excess of 30mm deep (in some cases up to 40mm), the Metaracer is a relatively low 25mm.

That makes it feel a lot more ‘normal’ and certainly easier to become accustomed to for those taking their first step into carbon racers. In fact, the shoe feels not too far removed from many of the brand’s road racing models, with a relatively narrow footprint and close-fitting upper.

Cushioning comes courtesy of the FLYTEFOAM midsole, with the carbon plate embedded to give added propulsion by reducing movement in the ankle joint and stiffening up the metatarsals at toe-off. This creates a rolling action which feels smooth and highly effective.

The Metaracer doesn’t have the springy feel of some carbon shoes but it does feel a good step up from traditional non-carbon shoes and you certainly notice the difference.

The upper is typical of an ASICS racing shoe – breathable, snug and well made. It’s a little like a track spike with a close, slimmer fit.

For those wanting to experience a plated racing shoe without the bulk and excess height it’s the perfect choice.

» ASICS Metaracer costs £180. See

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