John Shepherd leads a session designed to boost power, technique and reactivity

Here’s a home workout, designed to boost power, technique and reactivity, which we can do ‘together’, remotely!

It will last around 20 minutes if you follow it as I have laid out in the video. You can of course adapt it to your own fitness level.

The introduction demonstrates the exercises and the protocols, the workout part then starts after 2.30min but you will need to warm up.

There are some different exercises that you may not have come across before, such as a press-up-plank-ham-curl … it’s not easy!

I designed the workout for athletes who want to do more dynamic movements, rather than just press-ups and crunches. There are three circuits and you do three circuits – four of the five exercises have a work rest period of 30sec each and one 60sec on.

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