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If you live and breathe running and love to be physically active, you may be looking for new ways to make it a much larger part of your life. You may find yourself discussing your latest running times, and which events you are taking part in with anyone that will listen, or maybe when you are not out on a run, you are at home watching elite athletes perform at major competitions. When you love sports this much, it makes sense to take this passion and see where it can take you. 

Work is somewhere that many people spend a large chunk of their waking life. Maybe you sacrifice sleep so that you can get up early and fit in your training before heading to work. This may have got you thinking about combining your work life with your love of sports. If so, you will be pleased to find out that there are many ways that you can merge these two parts of your life and make money from doing a job you love. Here are some ideas for sport-related careers to help inspire you.

Personal Trainer

If you want a career that provides you with flexibility and the opportunity to be your own boss, then becoming a personal trainer could be the ideal job for you. Many people use personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. The role of a personal trainer is no longer simply helping celebrities work out. You will find personal trainers at your local gym but also running boot camps in your local park or training clients in the comfort of their own home. 

Being a personal trainer can bring high levels of job satisfaction. Your clients are likely to range in their exercise abilities, from fitness fanatics who want to up their training game to exercise novices that require the guidance and support of a trainer to help them get their fitness on track. Whatever level of fitness your clients currently have, you will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of helping them to make meaningful changes to improve their fitness and deliver noticeable results.

To start a career as a personal trainer, you will firstly need to get qualified. Receiving training for your new job from TRAINFITNESS enables you to take your pick from a choice of training options to suit your individual needs. You could study to become a personal trainer from home using online real-time sessions or alternatively in-person at a training venue. 

Having the flexibility to choose the best way to learn will help you fit your training around your current job and make a seamless transition into your new career. You can also take a business course, if you want to expand your knowledge. If you don’t have time to take a course, you can study online.

Activities Coach

Do you love to have fun and be active at the same time? If so, you may like the sound of becoming an activities coach. These coaches facilitate activity sessions for kids, adults, or both. Working as an activities coach could see you coordinating five-a-side football matches, organising fun activities sessions such as zorbing, or demonstrating the basics of archery. When it comes to being an activities coach, the possibilities are endless. 

Many activities coaches run after-school or holiday clubs for kids. If this is something that you intend to do, then you will need to make sure you get the relevant checks carried out and that you have the appropriate level of insurance.

One of the best aspects of being an activities coach is being part of helping people to have more fun while being active and joining in yourself to demonstrate the activities. Whether you facilitate a team-building high-ropes session for work colleagues or encourage kids to complete an obstacle course as part of a holiday club, every day will feel entirely different in this role.

PE Teacher

Do you have ambitions of inspiring the next generation of young athletes? Or, perhaps you want to encourage young people to build the foundations of an active, healthy lifestyle that will stay with them throughout adulthood. Either way, becoming a PE teacher is an excellent opportunity to make these ambitions a reality.

Being a PE teacher can be an incredibly rewarding job. You will introduce many children to sports for the first time and will be able to follow the journey as their confidence and skills grow. As a PE teacher, you will also have the opportunity to nurture up-and-coming talent. You could be the first person to recognise the untapped potential of some of your students and help them to strive towards greater success, maybe even to become elite athletes in the future.

To teach physical education in school, you will need to gain a relevant degree-level qualification such as a BSc in Sports Science. After completing your degree, you will need to study for a postgraduate qualification in teaching. This is known as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Sports Blogger

If you are a massive sports fan, you may decide to consider starting a sports blog. While a blog may not make you money right away, if you work hard to build up your online presence and attract followers, you could start to generate income from your blog.

People blog about a vast array of subjects, from everyday issues through to niche topics. So, whichever aspect of the sport that you are interested in, it is likely that there will be people across the world that share your passion and are interested in reading your thoughts. You will find blogs dedicated to specific football teams, blogs about running techniques and much more, all readily available online.

You could use your blog as an online journal and document your training routines and the races that you are taking part in. Alternatively, you could include content on any running-related or fitness subjects. How broad or narrow you make your subject area is entirely up to you. It is helpful to do some research to see which other running blogs are already available before you set up yours to ensure that it is entirely unique.