Ideal for runners of all speeds, throwers, jumpers and athletes of all ages

Exercise type: plyometric.

Ideal for: runners of all speeds, throwers, jumpers and athletes of all ages due to the low height involved.

Difficulty level: suitable for all.

Benefits: improved leg stiffness and reactivity, notably at the ankle joint. Increased leg stiffness will boost, for example, running power.

Stiffness can be measured, for example, by improvements in hopping ability – basically improvement will be reflected in greater ability to hop further and quicker ground reactions.

How to: step off a very low platform (20-30cm) and with hardly any knee bend generate power through the feet and ankles to jump up.

Speed of contact to the ground should be emphasised and not height.

Try not to prepare for the landing, rather react to the contact.

Use your arms to assist speed.

How many: do 4×6 with 30sec recovery between jumps and take 1min between sets.

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