Use this movement for improved leg power and stiffness

Exercise type: sprint/running/jumping drill.

Suitable for: all athletes and events.

Difficulty level: can be done by athletes of all ages and abilities.

Benefits: improved leg power and stiffness.

How to: take a step forward, extending the foot out in front of the knee. Keeping the toes up, pull the foot back to the track surface while driving the free leg up, to power the body up into the air.

Keep the trunk upright and gaze ahead.

Co-ordinate arms with legs (opposite arm to leg), or as in the case of the images use a double arm action (especially suitable for high jumpers and triple jumpers).

Land on the free leg, take a step and repeat. (All take-offs will occur on the same leg).

How many: do 2x20m (left and right legs)

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