Get the most out of your running with expert advice, nutrition guidance, the elites’ top tips and more

It’s around this point of the year when you’ll hear the question ‘how’s your training going?’ being asked most keenly.

For ultra marathon runners, marathon runners, those aiming for 5k, 10k, half-marathon PBs or others with track ambitions weighing heavily on their shoulders, this is where the really hard work is being done ahead of the big events or ‘A’ races to come.

With that in mind, we thought we’d present you with some advice and, hopefully, inspiration, in the form of this Training Guide to help keep you going as you log the miles and the sessions.

There’s expert advice on what you should be eating and drinking (plus a discount offer code for SOS!), how to work exercises into your routine that will help keep dreaded injuries at bay, a look at the benefits of acupuncture and we’ve also picked out some running kit that will suit the current inclement conditions.

We outline why it’s so important to feature speedwork as part of your training regime, meet some ASICS FrontRunners who want you to join their team and, finally, we asked some of Britain’s finest athletes for that one piece of training advice which they feel can make the biggest difference. Their responses make for interesting reading.

Enjoy the guide and happy training!

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