The AW MD and 1984 Olympic silver medallist speaks to Tim Hutchings about her athletics career and life in the sport

The AW Podcast series kicks off with Wendy Sly talking to Tim Hutchings as the AW managing director and 1984 Olympic silver medallist shares insight into her athletics career and her life which has revolved around the sport.

“I don’t know what my life would have been like without athletics,” says Sly, who moved into publishing and team management following her elite running career.

“I’m approaching 50 years of being in the sport, which is quite scary.

“From a young girl and it being my social life, to it being my professional life, then stepping away a little bit and focusing on becoming a good publisher to then doing team management and now coming back and running AW, it has always been there.

“I love still being a part of it. It has shaped me, I suppose.”

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